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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 21. Februar 2012
I really did like the drawing in this tome. Unlike many other cartoon tomes which label a nice scene on the outside and lame graphics throughout on the inside, this is of the highest quality from the first to the last page. Also the outer appearance comes along like a thing of wealth and nobility. It has an additional casing in which the book itself is covered. I really did like that.

The story has a lot of surprising elements and is in fact evolving. Nothing like these series where in fact nothing changes and everything by all means and purpose stays the same. Also the characters have depth and emotions which make them all the more believable and "human".
Of course the fact in a sience fiction novel can never be completely right and to apply logic to them spoils the fun. Still I wonder why they state wrong facts. Like for example that the earth fits into the sun 333.000 times - "and I just looked it up", states the character. In fact 1.300.000 is the correct number. Why would someone look it up and then state a completely wrong number. Well, I just wondered why such a needless mistake, because it added nothing to the storyline? Lack of thoroughness on the authors side, is my guess. But this just on the side.
So while these tome has a lot of going for it, still I somehow lost the feeling for it. And don't know why and can't explain properly but I found myself the third time trying to get it going - and I quit. I guess for some reason, I just can't relate to the storyline in the way which is necessary to get me glued.
Also the paintings are rather large and you find yourself flipping through the pages rather quickly, because of that. So despite the dimension of this tome the storyline behind it comparatively small.

So here is my verdict:
A worthy representative of the superman series. Great craftmanship went into this Hardcover version. Majestic and generously large drawings are on the plus side. Still compared to other books like "Sandman", "Walking Dead", "Invincible", "Watchman" the storyline just lacked somehow. But still a very nice experience and one which I would fully recommend.
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am 10. Februar 2011
All Star Superman ist vielleicht die beste und schönste Superman-Story, die je geschrieben worde.
Hier wird Superman endlich mal nicht nur als das Über-Wesen gezeigt, sondern als Mensch mit Gefühlen und Sorgen. Zudem wird die Geschichte mit viel Humor und sehr fantasievoll erzählt.
Die "Absolute"-Ausgabe ist genau der richtige Rahmen für diese besondere Geschichte.
Hochwertig verarbeitet in exzellenter Druckqualität.
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