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am 23. September 2013
Wer mit dem Rauchen aufhören will, der hat hier aufjeden Fall sowas wie die Anleitung dafür. Aufhören muss jeder selbst, das ist ja klar, aber hier werden nochmal viele Fakten, viele Erfahrungsberichte und viel emotionaler Support gegeben. Am Besten gefiel mir, dass man nicht am Anfang vom Buch aufhören muss, sondern der Author einen explizit anregt, während dem Lesen zu rauchen. Idealerweise hat man dann das Buch fertig, drückt seine letzte Kippe aus und hat kein Verlangen mehr zu rauchen.
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am 11. Dezember 2003
The book is an excellent way of stopping smoking.
I have tried all the other ways-patches, gum, willpower, this book is the best, it doesn't waffle on how dangerous smoking is. We all know about the dangers and smokers tend to 'turn a blind eye' to them anyway!! This book appeals to your intelligence and by the end of reading it(if you follow the instructions correctly), not only will you find stopping smoking easy but also enjoyable!!!
Stop smoking before it's too late......
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am 19. Dezember 2012
When I started reading it I didnt pretend to stop smoking. I never thought I would really be able to quit and I especially never thought I would manage one day not to crave for it. I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about since many of my friends had stopped with its help.
I really did quit and never had a craving ever since. It has been 8 months and I didnt put any weight on or compensate with other things.
Was one of the best things ever happened to me.
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am 18. Juni 2013
This book REALLY works!
I have been smoking for more than 30 years, and in that time I have tried, and failed to quit quite a few times.
I started reading this on a Friday, the following Thursday I finished it and am now a happy non-smoker.
No withdrawl symptomes, no cravings, nothing!!!

Do you want to quit?
If so GET THIS BOOK!!!!!
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am 22. September 2008
What can I say, I've came across the book around 1.5 years ago. I was really interested to see all the positive feedback people left about it.

I've mentioned it to one friend of my (he was 22 and smoked ~2 packs per day) and to my surprise he actually got the book and... quit smoking. I didnt really took notice of that. I've continued to smoke like most in our company and didnt care about that change with him. In a way, I also did want to quit, but I felt I was 'not ready' or 'afraid' or something along that line. On the bigger part I told myself, hey - I am cool with smoking, I like it and health issues dont bother me (I think its stupid to think how bad is smoking when you do, so - I never did)... In fact, my friend's example made me believe that if he did I will for sure, so I said - no, sorry, not at this time...

I smoked during parties, when I drink alcohol, sometimes in the uni, car and... pretty much everywhere in fact. I could 'easily' not smoke for like a week or two though... I did have those so-called 'smoking breaks' or 'reduced smoking', because I simply enjoyed the feeling you have when you dont. I felt however that even though I wanted not to start again... I always just got a nice excuse for that one sig that will start everything over again.

During those so-called breaks, I clearly saw for myself, that smoking is the most useless thing ever, because as for me, I felt it gave me absolutely nothing except of bad breath and smelly clothes (the stuff that disturbed me most). Another thing I've noticed happening to me, is that I had cough in the morning after having like a pack or so the night before. It was just one or two coughs when you spit out some ugly stuff (sorry for such details).

In any case, throughout this year I actully begin to want to quit more and more, however I realized that I am quite hooked. I am 21 now, sporty, relaxed and I can say with quite a strong willpower - but sigs seemed to be stronger.

Just a week ago after not smoking for a week, I realized that the time is definately came and purchased Allen Carrs "Easy way..."

The book came last friday. The first thing I did reading it is went to buy a pack of sigs. A friend of my told me, hey, dont worry smoke as much as you wont while reading it - thats what I did and... that what Allan Carr says.

I've read ~70 pages on friday, went to the party that night and smoked as usual. On saturday I've finished the whole book being absolutely prepared for that last (shitty) sig. I have been just a little worried, however I felt like finally quit big time.

Allen Carrs instructions that one have to follow are pretty much not existend. I expected some kind of hard time following them but in fact... was surprised when I basically had to lit the sig from his instruction... That is, they are super easy. Just read the book with a clear mind. (Well, I was very sleepy on saturday in fact, so I had a nap in between, but no problem whatsoever with that)

So, yes. YIPPEE! I'm a NON-SMOKER! :)

You may say, how do I know just after 2 days. Well, all the time during my previous attempts to quit - I kind of new that it is just for some period of time (maybe a month max). I had a feeling that I missed sigs. Now I have nothing whatsoever.

It's a great read. I think it's a great present too. Now, in fact, I came here to purchase two more books as a present as well as also buy "The Nicotine Conspiracy" for myself. I think that will absolutely insure the 100% success, making it to like 100.1% :).

I actually wonder how many copies of the book I will give friends as a present. LOL, its one of those rare presents which you find to be great, cheap and suit to almost everybody. :) Sad to admit, a good friend of my even became a smoker with my push though...

BTW, at the end of the book, there is a coupon that one can use in the clinics. If you use it, the money for the book are substituted from the visit (the clinics give money back gurantee if you do not quit). I guess somebody might help the actual visit more helpfull, but for 95% of the people the book should be more then enough.

I feel great, happy, realeased and on the right track. I really feel like I've made a massive step in the right direction (smoking for 7 years is quite a bit of time wasted).

The book is a super good value for money and there is absolutely no doubt or question about that.

I wish Allan Carr would still be alive so he could read my thankful letter. I absolutely love people like him. There are a lot who allow us open our eyes, feel secure, happy, be strong etc. or to summ up - enjoy our lives and be confident in every day of our lives...

Just as it happens with works that change a lot our thinking and feelings (in a definately good way) after reading this one I also felt a little sad (not for a while).

I felt sad thinking again about the educational system, medical system, governments, media etc.
Seems like we are being tought everything, but the essentials - how to live and enjoy our life, not just 'survive' in the 'modern-cruel world' (well, we are not given a gurantee even for that in fact); how to enjoy and learn from the relationships, not to be feared of them and become hostile to everything around... the list goes on and on.
Good news - there are dozens of authors who help us to really understand many things and live life not dependant on fabricated fake crap. Allan Carr is one of the authers who I give a huge personal respect for his work and his intend.

p.s. its my first review... sorry for making it a poem. :)
But, since you've read it all (and hopefully the "Easyway..." is already in the "Einkaufswagen") I want to recommend another book (not about smoking), which I also find completely awesome (in case if you are interested in sience, health, medicine, paranormal stuff etc. - its a must read I would say).
Check out "Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot (lol, gonna write a review about it in the appropriate section some time later on I guess).

Enjoy the read and good luck!
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am 20. Juni 2007
Als ich vor 18 Jahren dieses Buch zum ersten Mal geschenkt bekommen habe, hatte in Deutschland noch niemand etwas davon gehört. Es funktionierte...für sechs Jahre. Dann wieder ein Jahr geraucht und wieder das Buch aus England besorgt und aufgehört....für weitere sechs Jahre!!! Beim dritten Versuch hab ich es dann auf Deutsch versucht...gähhn, langweilig, kein Erfolg....weiter geraucht. Mit der englischen Version hat es dann wieder funktioniert. Ich kann nicht sagen ob es an der deutschen Übersetzung liegt oder daran, dass ich mich bei der engl. Version viel mehr auf das Gelesene konzentrieren musste...auf jeden Fall rauche ich seit zwei Jahren wieder nicht..... und hoffentlich NIE mehr
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am 11. Mai 2010
After thirty years as a regular smoker, sometimes more than 20-a-day, I read Alan Carr's 'Easy Way to Stop Smoking', put out the last stinking cigarette as I closed the book, and a few weeks ago I celebrated 6 very happy and healthy years of nicotine freedom.
Highly recommended.

Recently read Alan Carr's 'Easyweigh to Loose Weight', a great read - as is 'Easy Way to Stop Smoking' - and I've read it three times through now. Have lost over 7 kilos, and am feeling great; more energy, sleeping better. Also recommended.

Thank you Mr Carr!
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am 8. April 2008
Err, no - sorry. I tried this book after having heard and read about the successes of so many others, but apparently I seem to be in the group of what Allen Carr describes as `'less than 10 percent''. I am not even a `confirmed smoker' as I desperately wanted to quit. I too, had tried a lot of the traditional methods to no avail. I really gave this book a shot but the `solemn promise' I made myself just didn't do it for me. Happily now, I am smoke free, but no thanks to Mr Carr. I now enjoying a smoke free life thanks to Dr.Gurgevich!
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am 12. Januar 2006
Hatte das Buch über 3 Jahre im Regal stehen. Es wartete dort auf den Tag der Entscheidung. Ich wollte es vorher nicht lesen, um das Pulver nicht zu verschießen. Dann kam der Tag...10 Uhr angefangen zu lesen, gegen 19 Uhr war ich Nichtraucher und bin es bis heute (über 2 Jahre)!
man muß sich auf das Buch einlassen, muß sich die kleine Gehirnwäsche gefallen lassen, ie ja auch nötig ist, um hinterher "glücklicher Nichtraucher" zu sein.
Sehr zu empfehlen! Es rettet Leben!
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am 19. Januar 2010
I bought this book for a friend who wants to stop smoking. Two people I know already quit permanently by reading this book and one of them recommended to tell people about it, that want to stop smoking. So I considered it a suiting gift for that person and hope that it will help as much as it did one of my friends before.
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