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am 8. August 2013
I'm a bit disappointed because the image shown here of the cover suggest that the book is in color but neither the illustrations inside nor the cover of my copy are.

Nonetheless, Giraffe and a half is a very beautiful and funny poem and the illustrations are lovely. I've never read it as a child, never heard of it before... so when I read it today for the very first time I got one big laugh at the end of it - not because of the story (which is also very funny) but because it's actually mathematical incorrect:
After the giraffe was streched another half, you would have a giraffe and a half. So far so good. You would have 1.5 giraffes
But then the giraffe shrank another half and you would once again have a giraffe, when infact the half of 1.5 of a giraffe would be 0.75 of the giraffe... so you would have less giraffe at the end of the story... although I think that is to be expected after all the trauma and hardship that poor giraffe went through. :-)
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am 9. September 1997
Vivid imagery coupled with the hilarious, rib-tickling narrative in this story continues to illustrate the magnitude of Shel Silverstein's creativity.
From the Giraffe and a Half looking cute in a suit, playing toot on his flute, to the snake eating cake who was told to go jump in a lake, to the entire montage falling in a hole dug by a mole including the dragon whose wagon was saggin..this is the most wonderful rendition of taking an event "full circle" that you will ever read!
Once again, Shel Sliverstein captures not only young readers but adults as well, subjecting each to a "young-at-heart" mentality that is completely infectious and renders the reader full of laughter!
By far Shel's BEST YET! Excellent reading for one and all
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am 26. April 1999
I only got my hands on this book a couple of months ago (I became a Silverstein fan rather late in childhood--but boy, have I made up for it!) and it's just a fun little book for kids of all ages. And if you're a geek like me, you'll also marvel at Silverstein's sly tweaking of the poetic structure that underlies such classics like "The House that Jack Built" and the oldest of them all, "Chad Gadya". In the end, we have cheerful destructionist minimalism. Tres cool.
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am 23. Juli 1999
I read it to my own kids when they were small, read it until they and I had it memorized. I then took it to school where I read it to my eighth--yes, eighth-graders who laughed and got sing-songy and guessed the next line and who chanted along as soon as they figured out the pattern. We next wrote our own versions and read them to the elementary kids. Good stuff for all ages. One of my favorite books!
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am 30. Januar 1999
A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein is the bomb. We give it five thumbs up. It is a story that could go on forever. It is great, funny, exciting and makes you laugh. We recommend the book to everyone, even old people. It will make them laugh. We want all of Shel's books so we can read them everyday. They're books you want to keep forever.
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am 8. Januar 1999
Giraffe and a Half is my favorite childrens book. Not only is a lot of fun to read, but its fun to listen to the kids try to remember everything that comes next. It is delightful and funny, and its good for kids' concentration and memory!
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am 20. Februar 2000
Giraffe and a half is great for kids that love repetition. Your child could learn to memorize better with this book. I really love this book and I would recommend getting other Shel Silverstein books because I have the whole collection.
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